North Country Cheviot Sheep

Our North Country Cheviot flock has been bred to thrive on a forage based system.   We strive to provide seedstock that can both meet the needs of the commercial industry and also include superior genetics that can be used to enhance purebred flocks.      

We continue to carefully manage our flock with a focus on maintaining substantial frame and capacity along with correct structure and breed type.   The North Country Cheviot has a well earned reputation for tolerating harsh weather conditions and their newborn's desire to live and their ability to get up and nurse is unparalleled.   Our goal is to retain these important breed characteristics in our sheep.

North Country Cheviot Ram and Ewe at Maloy Valley Farm

North Country Cheviot Ram and Ewe at Maloy Valley Farm

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Stud Rams

Our Senior Stud Ram "Powerball"  was the Champion Ram from the 2014 National Sale.  Bred by Clay Hill Ranch, he was named Supreme Champion Ram at the show over all breeds.        

Powerball has had a substantial influence on our North Country Cheviot Sheep.  This photo of him was taken in the spring of 2020 at seven years of age and he continues to thrive and do a great job for us. We have been fortunate to  retain many of his best daughters within our ewe flock.   We do use multiple stud rams to enable us to sell  rams that can be used on the ewes sold to our customers. 



New Stud Ram

We are proud to introduce PBJ, a new stud ram bred and raised here at Maloy Valley Farm.  This recent photo speaks for itself.  In our opinion PBJ is the best son ever sired by Power Ball.   As our grandson would say, just like a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich, PBJ has all that you could ask for; thick muscling, heavy bone, balance and outstanding breed character.   We will be using PBJ heavily in our breeding program this year.  

North Country Cheviot Ewes at Maloy Valley Farm

Ewe Flock

North Country Cheviot Sheep are known to possess excellent mothering skills and possess both size and feminine breed type.  We select replacement ewes from our own lambs.  Mothering ability characteristics focused on are:  milk production and weaning weight of the lambs.

North Country Cheviot Ewe Lamb at Maloy Valley Farm


Our North Country Cheviot Sheep breeding program continues to produce lambs that are very correct, possess length and scale, and are heavily muscled.  We sell both ram and ewe lambs.  Most of our ewe lambs go to purebred flocks.  Our ram lamb customers include commercial sheep producers as well as purebred flocks.   We wean our lambs in late May.  Weaning weights are typically 75 to 90 pounds and we do provide grain supplement prior to and for about a month after weaning. Our ram lambs, which are on grass pasture during the summer months, typically weigh 135-140 pounds in late summer.  We believe in having a strong "pasture conditioned" ram to sell to our customers.

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